My Family


I love my family very much. I never thought I would have five children, but thank the Lord He knows better than we do. I cannot imagine life without any of my babies! But before I get to them, I must introduce you to the man who has challenged me, encouraged me, and loved me more than any other human being…


…the love of my life. I honestly don’t know who I’d be without him. Kevin and I have been married for 14 years. We met each other at a wedding where he was standing on the grooms side, and I was standing on the brides side. We were paired to walk down the aisle together, and I even caught the bouquet that night. The crazy part is we married nine months later! Another nine months later and we were pregnant with our first. It’s been a crazy, adventurous, sometimes awful, sometimes euphoric ride. I cannot imagine anyone else strapped in with me. He loves God’s Word and desires to follow God’s ways more than any other man I’ve known. All I can say is that the Lord has favored me by blessing me with this man!

He’s a diverse man as he likes everything from hunting to high tea. He can rough it in the wilderness, and he can also enjoy being pampered at a five-star resort. He’s pretty much always up for anything, and has an amazing capacity to remember people and socialize with strangers. Needless to say he is an extrovert, and an incredible leader. He owns a successful firm that specializes in executive benefits succession planning and wealth transfer.


This is Gabe. He is thirteen and a super intelligent, patient, kind young man. He is an extrovert, loves hunting and all things animal. He’s been in gymnastics since he was five, and can do some impressive tumbling tricks. He has a technology brain too and was the lead programmer on robotics teams in the past. My favorite part about him is that he wants to do whats right. He really wants to follow God’s ways and I love seeing that in him. He’s extremely helpful around the house and can fix almost anything for me, but is also happy to play with the little ones whenever I ask him to. He’s growing up before my eyes and I have many moments where I feel overwhelmed with emotion that he’s already twelve. I hope to treasure the years I have left with him!


Vienna is eleven, although everyone guesses her older because she is so tall for her age. This girl amazes me. She has always had a servant’s heart, and brings me a glass of water before I even ask her. She is the one that gets the little ones ready before we head out the door. She fills their diaper bags, packs their snacks and grabs any odds and ends that I wouldn’t think of and packs it all in a neat and decorative manner. I always tell her that God knew what He was doing when He designed her because she compliments me so well. She loves to be in the kitchen whipping up something delicious, or making encouraging cards which we often find on our pillows at night. She has a sense of humor,  is an extrovert like Gabe, and is always looking to have fun. She likes dance, gymnastics, swimming, sweet treats, and time with friends. Her shoe size is now bigger than mine, and I’m pretty sure her heart is too. I think I have a lot to learn from this sweet spirited girl!


This is Ellis and he is eight. Boy do I wish I could freeze time with him. I just don’t want him to grow up. I have been known to say that I could have twenty Ellis’. There is something about him that is wrapped around my heart, and he’s always been my little buddy. He has been the easiest kid in the world to raise. Several times a day I say, “where’s Ellis?” because he just disappears and is doing some project somewhere. He loves to draw, build, and do science experiments. His favorite thing to do is fish, and when we visit Minnesota in the summertime, he catches us our fish dinners almost every night! He is an introvert, and has typically been happier to play by himself than with others, and has leaned toward being a homebody although I do see these things beginning to change in him. He, like Gabe, enjoys gymnastics and all things animals. Somehow, I feel like he and I will always be close. I pray we will be. I’m trying to enjoy every hug and squeeze from him that I can these days while snuggling with Mom is still something that he enjoys!


Janelle is three, and she holds a very special place in our hearts because she is our first “reversal baby”.  I will share our story more in-depth on a post, but I am humbled to think of what our lives would be like without her. Many tears have been shed over just that thought. She has brought so much joy to all of us. She is FULL of life, and passion. She absolutely loves to dance and has inspired daily dance parties in the kitchen. She is an extrovert and loves playing with her siblings and other kids. I think if she could paint the world, she would! I cannot wait to see what God has in store for this girls life because I have a feeling she will move mountains someday.


This is Jude and he is two years old. What can I say about this little guy? The face says it all. He is curious and likes to be on the move, but as soon as he sees Mama, the adventure is over and back to her arms he goes. I have to say that I don’t mind a bit. I’m enjoying every moment with him because I know I’ll blink my eyes and he’ll be ten. No Jude, don’t do it! Just stay little forever, ok?