God-the great orthodontist

This is not going to be a polished and pretty blog post today. There will probably be typos and misspelling, simply because I have about a half hour to get this typed. I actually haven’t written in almost two years and thought my blogging life had been dead and buried a while ago. But then today, as I was in prayer, God gave me a story picture to encourage me, and I really felt a strong impression to share it. So I asked the Lord how to share it, and I immediately thought of the blog. Which is funny, because I haven’t thought of the blog in such a long time and had reckoned it as dead. But, God likes to surprise us, and He has a way of bringing things back to life that we thought were dead. So, I am going to type this quickly and get straight to the point while I have a moment while my little people are napping, and my older people are preoccupied.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been praying continually over the past week. It’s been an unexpected (well, I suppose some of this was expected), wild and bumpy ride. To hear that the main stream media has “declared” Joe Biden to be the next President of the United States over the last couple days has been a bit like entering the twilight zone. Actually, all of 2020 has felt like the twilight zone…but, that’s for a different day.

Let’s get to the point…I voted for Trump. Yes, I did. It’s not a popularity contest, it’s a vote for the President of the United States of America. It’s a BIG job. One that Trump, in my humble opinion, has done an amazing job at. He is the most hated, hounded, mistreated, and bullied person in the world. He works for free, will probably be the only president to leave office with a smaller net worth than when he entered, and is misrepresented, misconstrued, and maligned by the media 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So don’t even try to say that you could do a better job. You have no idea what he is up against each and every day. Most people would buckle under that pressure, but he has continued to get up day after day and face the wolves.

This post is for those of you who have voted for Trump. I know you are in every state, every county, every town. I know there are some of you who are in other countries who, if you could, would have voted for Trump. The massive attendance at his rallies, the boat parades, neighborhood parades, flags and prayer vigils from all over the world have been so awesome to watch the past few months. There is no doubt in my mind that the narrative that the media is spinning is not how the majority of the country feels.

So, like I said, this post is for those of us who voted for Trump. The rest of you can keep moving along. Nothing else to see here for you. But for the true patriots who are fighting for Trump, this is for you…

If you are feeling discouraged, scared, or bewildered at what is happening in our country this week, I’m here to say-don’t! I truly believe that God is doing something. I even think Donald Trump is doing something. I think if we just sit back and pray, we will see some pretty awesome things happen. Now, I don’t think we can go to the msm to hear about it. I think we need to pray, and ask the Holy Spirit what He is doing in these days. He is exposing the depths of wickedness that He saw happening, but the bulk of Americans did not see happening. My prayers throughout all of 2020 have been for God to expose evil, and deal with it! I do believe that is what He is doing.

But, what I wanted to share with y’all is a specific picture the Lord just gave me 20 minutes ago. I was praying for this election, and crying out to God to expose the deception, and bring people to accountability that have done wicked. For Him to stop people dead in their tracks who are deceiving, and for justice to be served. Then he reminded me of a picture that I was just looking at the other day, and compared it to what is going on in the heavenliness.

I saw the picture the other night when my older daughter and I were sitting down together looking through pictures on my phone. We came to a picture from about 9 months ago of her smiling a big toothy smile snuggling up to our dog…with a huge gap between her front teeth that wasn’t there when she got her braces on! As we came to the picture, she screeched, and said, “mom! Do you remember how awful that was?! That gap between my teeth was so huge! Ugh, that was so terrible” At the time the picture was taken, she had just gotten her braces on a few months prior, and she had to have an expander put in, which is a device that they attach to the roof of the mouth to expand the palette. For the first 30 days of having it in, she had to turn a little gadget in it to slowly widen her entire smile. Well, over the course of that month, as the expander was expanding her smile, it was causing a gap between her front teeth to appear. And with each passing day, as she continued to turn that little device, that little gap got bigger and bigger. It got to the point where I had to call in to the orthodontist and ask if this was normal! My daughter was very upset and at that point wishing she never would have had braces put on! The orthodontist was very compassionate, and said that, yes, indeed this was normal. That the gap would get so big, it would “look like a double wide could drive right through it”, and to keep turning that device. They told me that when she came in next, they would change around her rubber bands, and the bands would then pull her teeth in the front back together again, and that over the course of the year, they would keep shifting her teeth around. She told me to just be patient with the process, and that it would get better, even though it looked like they were getting worse! It was very hard for Vienna to go through this process of moving her teeth around, especially because it truly looked worse than before she had braces! But, sure as they said, her teeth were only that way for about 6 weeks, and then that huge gap closed right back up after her next visit. She was quite relieved to put it lightly!

As I was praying today, God brought that exact picture of her to my mind, and said, “I’m moving things around to bring about a better expected end. Just like things had to move around to bring her smile to a better end, so am I doing in the world right now. It may look like things are worse than they were a short time ago, and you may feel discouraged, but I’m moving things around right as you pray, and things will be better. Just trust me”.

So friends, don’t lose hope. I know God is doing something “other worldly”. He is moving things beyond what we can see. And He is certainly not the author of confusion- or the author of the main stream media. He is God, and He sits on the throne. He sees all things, and knows ALL things that happen in darkness. He is the “Lord God to whom vengeance belongs”, Psalm 94:1. Proverbs 6:16-19 says, “These six things the Lord hates, yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked pans, feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies, and one who sows discord among brethren.” I don’t know about you, but I wonder if God sees all of these things being used this week in these elections. If they are-and only God knows the truth- I think we can rest assured that they will not go unnoticed by Him. We can rest in His mighty power, and continue to pray that all that is happening in the darkness will come to light.

Well-gotta go! I hear the baby awake and crying in his crib. I hope this encourages you like it did me. God is moving things around, dear one. He is causing things to shift both in the heavenliness, and on earth. But I believe the end result is going to be better. I can’t promise you that Donal Trump will be re elected, and the Supreme Court will rule in his favor. But, I do know that whatever God is doing, its going to be bigger and better than what we thought. And it will leave us with a beautiful smile on our faces.

Keep fighting on your knees, dear friends! 2020 is gonna make us into some fierce prayer warriors- I just know it!

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I am a wife, mother, teacher and mentor. I hope to inspire women in the areas of marriage, motherhood, faith, and holistic living.

One thought on “God-the great orthodontist

  1. Jenny, glad to see you are back! Everything written…so true! Thank you, darling for speaking this Truth! Love you! Keep on posting on this blog…want to read more!!!🥰Penny


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